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Englisch LK: Science fiction short story – Do you know?

Der Q2-Englisch LK von Herrn Jesse führte eine kleine short story challenge durch. Die Science-Fiction Story von Anastasia S. konnte sich am Ende gegen viele kreative Vorschläge durchsetzen und wird daher auf der MCG Website veröffentlicht. Viel Spaß beim Lesen!

Do you know?

Have you ever heard about the Theory of Quantum Mechanics?
You have probably heard the Many Worlds Theory or the Theory of Schrödinger’s Cat.
The latter is a thought experiment that suggests that Schrödinger’s cat is both alive and dead at the same time. I’m going to spare you the details, but the cat is placed in an isolated box with a device that has a 50% chance of killing the cat within the next hour. So, after an hour has passed, what happens to the cat? It is either alive or dead, right? But the cat is – in this very exact moment – alive and dead at the same time, as long as we don’t open the box.
Quantum objects are always in two states at once if we don’t observe them.
The Many Worlds Theory proposes that every time you make a decision the world splits into two, wherein in one of those two worlds the cat is alive, and in the other one the cat is dead. Those are called parallel universes and they are infinite.
Therefore, we are also immortal. Our consciousness never experiences death. It transfers to a parallel universe and survives.
Nonetheless, you will never realize this, because you will wake up with no memory of the fact that you have just survived death.
Nobody knows 100% what happens after death. Nobody knows the truth, and therefore all the stories about the existence after death are called theories and beliefs.
At least, nobody did know the truth.

I’ve, unfortunately, seen it. I have experienced death. Not only that, but I know when I died and then again and again and again. I am aware of this limbo that we call life.
And I don’t want to anymore.

The first time it happened, I thought to myself that I just dreamed it or that my imagination is playing tricks on me. But no. This is real. I remember everything. I know how things were before. Do you remember the Coronavirus that occurred in 2020? You probably remember then that it ended at the beginning of 2023. But no, it didn’t, at least not in the one specific universe I was living in. The virus exterminated all of humanity in 2023 since it mutated further and further without anybody being able to stop it.
That year, when I took my final breath, my heart stopped and my consciousness was lost, I woke up. It was the same date, I had the same clothes on as before, but I was healthy.
As if the whole apocalypse just didn’t happen, people were walking on the streets. Nobody was talking about the virus anymore since it was a past event and just like any other virus Have I just dreamed something that was stretching over months?
But that was not the end for me. No pun intended. Because it happened again. The next thing was climate change that killed us, but after death, I awoke in a world where everything was fine again. World War III broke out with nuclear power, but in the end, I awoke again, in a world where the events of yesterday did not happen.

Sometimes the thing that killed me wasn’t the apocalypse but accidents, diseases, murder, suicides. I remembered it all.
But in the end, I still woke up and everything was fine.
My consciousness stayed alive. The world was just like I remembered when you erase all the events of death that I somehow remember.
And to make things worse, I am the only one in my environment who seems to remember the apocalyptic events and the death that follows. Nobody’s consciousness seems to recall any memories of that happening.
You probably think that you live life like any normal day, and you know that you are alive, and you can’t recall that you have ever died. I mean, there are infinite versions of you living in parallel universes and some of them are already dead or probably having an absolutely different life. So in short, there are indeed better versions of yourself but probably also way worse „yous“.
I mean, there are clues for the shift of our consciousnesses. Proof for the existence of the Quantum Mechanics Theory, which makes it less of a theory and more of a fact. Those hints may be tiny, but they’re not coincidental.
Have you gone into a room and suddenly forgot what you wanted to do and never remembered again? Were you convinced of certain information your entire life, but it ended up being wrong, even though you were sure of it being the right information?
And suddenly you are not the only one who remembered it that way, because other people recall this information just like you.
Do you remember that it was always said that the Mona Lisa was not smiling at all, and suddenly she had a light smile on her face?
Or famous movie quotes ending up being different from what people remember? Have you ever had a Déjà vu?
Do you remember doing something but, in the end, you never did that or the other way around like you thought you did that already, but you actually never did?
Have you ever misplaced something?
Did something suddenly vanish, and you never found it again?
You might think that these are just coincidences or your mind playing tricks on you, and then you blame yourself for being such a forgetful person, but I assure you that’s not it! You just switched universes.
Don’t believe me? Well, listen…
It’s been about 65 million years since an asteroid killed the dinosaurs. So – you want to tell me that in 65 million years no other asteroids collided with the earth and killed any population?
251 million years ago, the End-Permian Extinction erased 96% of all species.
86% of species became extinct due to The Great Ice Age that occurred 2 million years ago. Nothing happened in the last millions of years in terms of apocalyptic events that made species extinct.

Do you think that we are that lucky? No.
The earth is always being taken out, and our consciousness is being transferred to another parallel universe and another and another and another and so on.
The problem is, I don’t know if life ever ends for the conscious mind.

I am 98 years old at the time of the writing of this post, and death of old age is usually caused by heart disease, a stroke, or organ failure. My body isn’t functioning properly anymore and as I continue to live my life, I don’t get younger either. Just like I said, the only things erased are the events of death and for you guys the memory of it, but my memories are still present the moment after death.
Will I live forever on in this body?
What happens when I can’t function at all anymore? Will I die every second of a stroke, wake up and die the next second again? Will I wake up in a universe where scientists cured aging?
Or is this the finale for me and I just lose this consciousness for good? Maybe it just reincarnates because my body finally reached its end.
I just want peace.

If any of those events happen, I will let you know.
I would like to tell you more, but my eyes really just want to shut themselves. I think I need to rest for a little.

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